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What is McGee' s fate? Executive producer Gary Glasberg hints at a big storyline coming up for Tim. Ncis mcgee απώλεια βάρους και κέρδος. Read his comments here.

While McGee works on figuring out what.
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Timothy McGee has green eyes and brownish- blond hair. In Season 11, with the transfer of Ellie Bishop from NSA to NCIS, McGee has begun to assert to seniority,. Retrieved from wikia.

com/ wiki/ Timothy_ McGee/ List_ of_ Appearances? What if Tim was the Director of NCIS and Ziva the Director of Mossad?

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Ziva David/ Timothy McGee ( 94) Anthony DiNozzo/ Jethro Gibbs. Timothy McGee is an NCIS Special Agent who is also the Senior Field Agent of the team, making him Leroy Jethro Gibbs' s second- in- command. Aug 09, · Sean Murray plays Special Agent Timothy McGee in NCIS. NCIS ( season 4) The fourth season of.

but has no memory of the past several hours and refuses to go with McGee to NCIS.

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